Our company is consistent involving in providing Thiophosgene that is a molecule, which has effective trigonal planar geometry. Besides, there are dual reactive cl and c bonds, which permit it to be utilized in varied organic compounds. We provide safe, effective and pure compound to the customers at market-reasonable prices. As strong Thiophosgene provider, we deliver only caliber compound. This is a red fluid alongside the equation of CSCl2. Moreover, CSCl2 is made in a dual-step procedure from carbon disulfide. Initially, we have chlorinated carbon disulfide to provide trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride. This is delivered in distinctive mixed compounds and grades.

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Liquid Thiophosgene

By utilizing skills of our dexterous workforce, we are manufacturing and exporter a broad assortment of Liquid Thiophosgene. It is a molecule with trigonal planar geometry and a red liquid with the formula CSCl2.

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There are two reactive ccl bonds that allow Thiophosgene to be used in diverse organic compounds. CSCl2 is prepared in a two-step process from carbon disulfide.


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